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Are you looking for a vacation home? What to look for.

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What better way to understand the philosophy of Sanderson Bay than to hear directly from our owners? Here is what Jim and Chuck Sanders had to say in a recent interview:

What makes a Florida vacation home different from a vacation home outside Florida?

Jim: I don't want to sound corny, but the biggest difference in a Florida vacation home is that it is in Florida!

Chuck: Right. The Florida lifestyle offers the owners of vacation homes here a wide range of activities.

Jim: Of course a lot of that is the weather. Florida vacation homes offer people a break from all the snow and cold.

Chuck: Being in the Sun Belt is a real advantage for us. Plus, Florida is a very family oriented area. People come from all over the world to central Florida for attractions like Disney World, Busch Gardens, SeaWorld and Universal Studios, as well as distinctive Florida attractions like Cypress Gardens.

Jim: And when you think of vacation homes, you think of golf.

Chuck: Yeah, that's another reason that Florida vacation homes are so popular. Being able to play golf in January is a real pleasure. That's why so many people have retired down here. So now, their children are building vacation homes down here to spend time with their retired parents.

How do Florida vacation homes compare price-wise with vacation homes outside Florida?

Chuck: Florida is an open shop state, so we can build homes less expensively than in many other places. Builders all over the country can buy materials at about the same price. But the Florida labor rate is lower, so we can build a quality vacation home less expensively.

Okay, suppose I'm sold on the idea of a Florida vacation home. Why should I build my vacation home in this part of Florida?

Chuck: A person building a Florida vacation home is someone who is likely to be just a winter resident.

Jim: At least until they've spent some time here and fallen in love with the area!

Chuck: True, Dad, most of them end up making it permanent. But in the meantime, the low crime rate in Citrus County means they don't have to worry about their vacation home when they're back up north. Plus, it's far less expensive here. We're able to build custom homes in Citrus County that would cost $20 per square foot more in most other parts of Florida. So it's a great opportunity for someone to get started with the idea of a custom Florida vacation home, and then be in a great position to turn that into their retirement home.

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